TamilRockers Proxy or Mirror Sites (Unblock tamilrockers.ws)

What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a movie download website from where you can download any movie for free. This website is one of the most popular websites in India, which uploads every new movie on their website.

All types of movies are available on tamilrockers such as Hindi movies, English Movies, Tamil movies, Kannada movies, and Telugu movies, this website uploads every kind of movie in better quality on their site.

Due to the collection of all kinds of movies, this website spread its discussion not only in the south but also in the whole world and millions of people started visiting this website.

One of the reasons why tamilrockers are so popular is that they provide the download link of the movie as torrent, which greatly improves the download speed which provides a good facility to the people.

At present, this website has been blocked in India because due to this website, the movie production company was reading a lot of financial loss.

Although tamilrockers have been banned, there are still some proxy networks that help you take full advantage of tamilrockers by making this website a mirror site.

Today we are going to mention some such proxy sites and are going to tell you how to use these sites and whether using them causes any harm or not?

tamilrockers proxy
Tamilrockers proxy 2020

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy means “to present or act on behalf of another”.
In other words, “providing indirect service to someone.”

Similarly, the proxy server can also be a computer system or application that acts as an intermediate for the client and the client’s request goes through this intermediate to the server. And the server also passes the request to the client through this intermediate.

In other words, “a proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway between a user’s computer and the Internet.” The proxy server is also called an application-level gateway. By this, the client computer can establish an indirect network connection to another network.

4 Types of Proxy Server

Reverse proxy

The Reverse proxy is used to access requests from the internet to client-server.

Anonymous proxy

The Anonymous proxy provides privacy to the client i.e. it hides the client’s IP address. So that no person like a hacker, etc. can trace the location of the client.

SSL proxy

SSL (secure socket layerProxy is used in any online transaction. Like if you bought any goods from amazon, they have SSL proxy in their site which protects our data while shopping online. The SSL that precedes the website URL is SSL.

Transparent proxy

In Transparent proxy, the request is forwarded (sent) to the internet by the client’s server. But the client’s information is not hidden in it. It is also called forward proxy.

TamilRockers Proxy (14 proxy sites)

  1. Proxy Site
  2. Hide My Ass
  3. England Proxy
  4. Fast USA Proxy
  5. New IP Now
  6. K Proxy
  7. Hidester
  8. Anonymizer
  9. VPN Browse
  10. Free Proxy Lists
  11. Free-Proxy-List.net
  12. Socks-Proxy
  13. ProxyScrape
  14. ProxyNova

K Proxy (recommended)

Open kproxy.com.
type the blocked URL and click on the surf button.
Wait for some seconds it will connect you to a different IP.
surf and enjoy it.
You can download its extension.
K Proxy Extention is available for Chrome and Firefox.

Proxy Site

Open proxy site.
select your server type.
type the blocked URL.
Click on the go button.
surf and enjoy it.

Quick Proxy

Open Quick Proxy homepage (http://quickprox.com/).
Enter your domain and click the enter button.
surf and enjoy it.

Hide My Ass

open proxy site
type the blocked domain.
choose the random server type.
Click on Agree & Connect button.
surf and enjoy it.

New Ip Now

Open New Ip Now Hompage.
Enter your blocked URL in connect to the area.
Click on any given Ip to connect or press enter to connect.
surf and enjoy it.


Open this URL (https://hidester.com/proxy/).
Type your domain URL.
Press the Surf Anonymously button.
Surf and enjoy.
You can also download Its an extension for Google Chrome.

VPN Browse

Open Vpn Browse homepage (https://www.vpnbrowse.com/).
Enter or type the URL.
Press the browse button to connect.
surf and enjoy it.

Is a Proxy Site Safe To Access any website?

Yes, obviously its completely safe to use because this hides the IP address, meaning that the identity of the client is not known to anyone. That is, whatever information goes into the Internet belongs to the proxy server. Which makes our network secure. Because those who are hackers and attackers do not know that the request that has come in actual has come from where.

It is used for caching, ie when a client accesses any information, he saves that information when another client accesses the same information, then he gives that information from his cache to the client. is. This increases internet speed, which saves time.

Final Words on Tamilrockers Proxy

I hope this article helps you to find Tamilrockers Proxy. Thank you for reading. keep sharing this awesome article with your friends and your family. see you next time on statuswale.in.
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